Life Insurance Advisors, Inc.
Fee-only Insurance Consulting


Procedures and Cost for Basic Analysis of Term Insurance Options

  1. Determine the client’s reason for obtaining insurance and for considering any policy that may already have been proposed.

  2. Recommend amount of insurance based on needs analysis, if desired.

  3. Determine whether client is willing to seek insurance from the company or companies that Life Insurance Advisors, Inc., would recommend, or whether client is only willing to work with an agent or broker affiliated with other companies.

  4. Determine whether there is any possibility that client will want to convert a portion of the term insurance to permanent coverage at some time in the future.

  5. If there is no possible interest in future permanent insurance coverage, look for lowest cost term insurance based on client’s possible underwriting (health rating) outcome and consistent with the need for a financially sound company.

  6. If there is a possible interest in future permanent insurance coverage, suggest a company with attractive term insurance rates that also offers the most competitive permanent insurance product.

  7. Determine the length of time that coverage might be desired, and compare costs and benefits of annually increasing premiums with guaranteed level premiums for fixed periods.

  8. Review the financial strength ratings of the alternative insurers from the various rating agencies (A.M. Best, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Weiss Ratings).

  9. Review employer-provided term insurance options with other alternatives outside of work.

  10. Review health, financial, and lifestyle factors that could influence the underwriting process.

  11. Suggest policy ownership alternatives based on financial circumstances and objectives.

  12. Coordinate and supervise the application with agent/broker to anticipate and address any medical and financial underwriting issues that might arise in the application process.

  13. Oversee application by agent/broker to other or additional life insurance carriers if underwriting results from initial application do not produce desired results.

    Estimated cost for service: $250-$1,000. Estimates provided in advance.