Life Insurance Advisors, Inc.
Fee-only Insurance Consulting


Initial Review for New Disability Insurance Policies from
an Objective Source – only $100-$250

An initial review for a new disability insurance policy or proposal performed by Life Insurance Advisors, Inc., Fee-Only Insurance Consultants, provides an inexpensive and objective first or second opinion about a disability policy you may be considering.

The initial review is a very affordable, efficient service to determine whether the policy under consideration, or that which has been proposed, offers quality coverage at a competitive price or whether you could likely do better with a different company and/or policy or with different policy features/riders.

If no specific policy is already under consideration, we will identify the criteria to use in choosing a policy that will most likely offer the best value, based on the client’s situation and objectives, and fully explain how we can help in this regard.

An initial review for a new disability insurance policy is based on information and answers that the client provides in a questionnaire. In addition to obtaining basic information about the insured, the questionnaire asks about the policy proposal (if any so far, including any available policy illustration), and the purpose of the policy sufficient for us to provide an objective opinion (“objective” because we do not sell insurance) about the best alternatives to pursue.

When you fill out the questionnaire, submit it, and pay the fee, we will respond with our written review of the steps you should follow in seeking what will most likely provide the best disability insurance value.

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