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Initial Reviews for Existing Policies and New Proposals
for Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance,
Annuities and Possible Life Settlements
(sales of existing life policies) for $50-$100

Procedures and Cost for Basic Policy Reviews

Note that the descriptions of these services and their associated costs are for basic reviews of these matters, which will sometimes be the only service required. More extensive advice may result in additional costs.

  • For Term Insurance

  • For New Permanent Life Insurance

  • For Existing Permanent Life Insurance

    1. Obtain authorization from policy owner to request relevant policy information from insurer, including in-force ledger showing policy performance projections for future years. Send with letter to insurer requesting such information. Follow-up request as necessary.

    2. Where possible, obtain and review original policy, including application, and illustration used at the time the policy was sold.

    3. Review current illustration of in-force policy to make a preliminary determination of (1) the likelihood that the policy will last as long as the insured might live and pay a benefit in return for the premiums paid, (2) the competitiveness of policy’s internal rate of return compared to possible alternatives (if feasible from a health and underwriting standpoint), (3) the possibility of altering premium amounts or methods of payment.

    4. Review the insurance company’s financial soundness ratings from the various rating agencies (A.M. Best, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Weiss Ratings).

    5. Prepare written review of preliminary findings and recommendations and possible next steps. These could include: (1) do nothing, (2) conduct more in-depth testing of assumptions behind policy projections, (3) increase premiums, (4) reduce death benefit, (5) surrender policy, (6) explore selling policy for more than policy cash value in case of serious but non-terminal health impairment since policy was issued, (7) seek new or substitute policy from same company (without any new underwriting required) that would guard against risk of policy lapse, and (8) explore possible replacement of policy with one offering a likely superior long-term rate of return without an increase in risk.

      Cost for basic service: $500 per policy

  • For Disability Insurance

  • For Long-Term Care Insurance

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