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Initial Reviews for Existing Policies and New Proposals
for Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance,
Annuities and Possible Life Settlements
(sales of existing life policies) for $50-$100

Procedures and Cost for Basic Policy Reviews

Note that the descriptions of these services and their associated costs are for basic reviews of these matters, which will sometimes be the only service required. More extensive advice may result in additional costs.

  • For Term Insurance

  • For New Permanent Life Insurance

  • For Existing Permanent Life Insurance

  • For Disability Insurance

  • For Long-Term Care Insurance

    1. Review the client’s financial situation and likely circumstances in the future to determine the amount of coverage that is needed or affordable and whether the client has the financial capacity and willingness to self-insure against some or all of the cost of long-term care.

    2. Recommend the amount of insurance, if any, based on the above needs analysis.

    3. Discuss the various key policy provisions and variables with client (e.g., length of benefit period, inflation factor, types of care covered, initial waiting period, etc.) to help determine the best choices and their impact on the policy premium.

    4. Review the financial strength ratings of the alternative insurers from the various rating agencies (A.M. Best, Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Weiss Ratings).

    5. Explain the tax impact and possible benefits of various premium payment options, including for premiums funded, in whole or in part, by an employer.

    6. Review the health and lifestyle factors that could influence the application underwriting process.

    7. Coordinate and supervise the application with the agent/broker to anticipate and address any medical underwriting issues that might arise in the application process.

    8. Oversee the application by the agent/broker to other or additional long-term care insurance carriers if the underwriting results from an initial application do not produce the desired results.

      Minimum Cost: $250 - $500

Other Special Services

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