Life Insurance Advisors, Inc.
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Who Life Insurance Advisors, Inc. Serves

Why Use the Services of Life Insurance Advisors, Inc.

  • To assure the lowest cost and best returns from a significant investment of life insurance premiums over several years.

  • To sort out conflicting and misleading information about a confusing subject of financial planning and to make informed decisions.

  • To save substantial commissions (80% or more) on the purchase of the most competitive insurance policies from the most recognized and respected life insurance companies.

  • To avoid the inherent conflicts of interest of even knowledgeable and reputable insurance agents whose compensation depends on product sales.

  • To obtain complete information about, and access to, the full range of potentially useful solutions, rather than being limited to the insurers with which a particular agent is licensed.

  • To assess the current and possible performance of existing insurance and to recommend remedial action where necessary.

Initial Reviews for Existing Policies and New Proposals
for Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance,
Annuities and Possible Life Settlements
(sales of existing life policies) for $100-$250

Procedures and Cost for Basic Policy Reviews

Other Special Services

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